NorNet/5gVINNI OpenStack QEMU Images

These are NorNet/5G-VINNI x86_64 QEMU images, intended to be used with OpenStack and Open Source MANO. These images use UEFI booting instead of classic BIOS booting.

💡 Description

  1. Download <IMAGE>.qcow2.xz and <IMAGE>.qcow2.xz.asc.

  2. Verify the signature:

    gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 21412672518D8B2D1862EFEF5CD5D12AA0877B49
    gpg --verify <IMAGE>.qcow2.xz.asc <IMAGE>.qcow2.xz
  3. Uncompress the image:

     xz -T0 -d <IMAGE>.qcow2.xz
  4. Create image in the OpenStack controller:

    openstack image create <IMAGE> \
       --file <IMAGE>.qcow2 \
       --container-format bare \
       --disk-format qcow2 \
       --property hw_firmware_type=uefi \
       --property architecture=amd64 \

    Note: These images use UEFI boot, not BIOS boot.The hw_firmware_type setting is important therefore!

📦 Image Builder Scripts

The image builder scripts can be found in The images in this directory have been generated by the script make-openstack-vms.

🔗 Useful Links

01.03.2023 Thomas Dreibholz