RSPLIB RSerPool Demo VM Images

These are VirtualBox OVA images for the RSPLIB RSerPool Demo. They are a showcase for Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool), and of course for the RSPLIB implementation. This directory currently contains the demo setup for current Ubuntu LTS and Fedora versions. Just select the operation system variant of your choice.

See for a detailed description of RSerPool and RSPLIB!

💡 Description

  1. Download <IMAGE>.ova and <IMAGE>.ova.asc.

  2. Verify the signature:

    gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 21412672518D8B2D1862EFEF5CD5D12AA0877B49
    gpg --verify <IMAGE>.ova.asc <IMAGE>.ova
  3. Import into VirtualBox (usually: via GUI), or alternatively via command line:

     vboxmanage import --options importtovdi <IMAGE>.ova
  4. Boot the image, log in with:

    Click on local-setup.xml on the desktop, to start the demo GUI.

📦 Image Builder Scripts

The image builder scripts can be found in The images in this directory have been generated by the script make-rserpool-vms.

🔗 Useful Links

02.03.2022 Thomas Dreibholz